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Q: What can Amerilab do for my company?

A: Amerilab Technologies, Inc. has over 30 years of experience developing both effervescent and non-effervescent products for our clients in the nutritional supplement and beverage categories. We use our experience and innovation to develop unique, flavorful, and appealing products for your new and existing product lines.

In addition to developing a custom formula for our clients, we also offer full, turnkey solutions to manufacture, test, package, and ship your products.  Our in-house Supply Chain, Engineering, and Quality groups ensure your product and quality specifications are met with the highest standards.

Q: Does Amerilab carry a line of ready-to-sell products?

A: No. The products we make are exclusively developed and manufactured to our individual customers specifications.

Q: What will my product cost?

A: The cost is dependent on a large number of variables such as active ingredients, packaging, volume, and how difficult the product is to produce.  We will assess your initial product specifications and determine feasibility before we start any work with you. The agreed-upon feasibility estimates will guide our initial development work.

Q: Does Amerilab make standard compressed tablets, capsules or powders?

A: Yes.  In addition to effervescent applications, Amerilab also manufactures compressed caplets, chewable tablets and powders. We do not manufacture coated tablets or capsules.

Q: What types of packaging are available?

A: A wide array of packaging materials are available. Effervescent products are very sensitive to moisture, so for effervescent applications, Amerilab has found that the only way to ensure the stability of an effervescent product is to work with specially-sourced packaging materials.  Powders can be filled into pouches, sachets and sticks, and then can be packaged into cartons of varying sizes and shapes. Tablets can be packaged individually into foil pouches or into tubes, and topped with a desiccated cap.

Non-effervescent powders, chewables, and caplets can be packaged into individual foil servings, blister packs, or HDPE bottles with induction seal caps.

During the product development process, Amerilab Technologies will work with you to identify the exact packaging configuration that fits your needs.

Q: How does Amerilab ensure quality?

A: Amerilab Technologies’ primary goal is ensuring your product’s quality and safety. Amerilab is an FDA-inspected supplement manufacturer, and adheres to strict quality guidelines. We are GMP Compliant for Dietary Supplements and Sports Supplements through NSF International.  Amerilab’s current GMP status can be seen here on the NSF website.

Amerilab Technologies was inspected in Nov 2009 by the Dept of Health & Human Services, Minneapolis, MN FDA District offices and again very recently in April of 2012.

Amerilab’s Quality staff monitors and ensures the manufacturing process from start to finish.  This includes testing of raw materials, in-process testing of customer products as they are produced, and final testing prior to shipment.  This strict quality process ensures continuity and brand quality.

Whatever your quality requirements, Amerilab Technologies, Inc. has the staff and capacity built into our manufacturing systems to exceed expectations.

Q: How does Amerilab protect my idea?

A: Amerilab has a well-established reputation for being a trustworthy partner. We have many safeguards in place to protect our customers proprietary information, including Confidentiality Agreements.

Q: How do I get started with Amerilab?

A: Simply fill in the inquiry form, or call us at 1-866-445-6468. Together we will work to make your product idea a marketplace reality.

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