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“Minneapolis-based Airborne acquired by nutrition company”

StarTribune Business, April 2, 2012

Minneapolis nutritional supplement maker Airborne Inc. said Monday it has been acquired by Schiff Nutrition International for $150 million. Schiff, based in Salt Lake City, acquired all of Airborne’s stock from GF Capital Private Equity Fund in an all-cash transaction. As part of the deal, Airborne and its 32 workers will shut down Minneapolis operations, said Airborne CEO Marti Morfitt. Read entire article…

“Meet the Fizz Maker”

Sioux Falls Argus Leader, May 28, 2008

A Sioux Falls native produces effervescence including new help for drinkers! Former Sioux Falls resident Fred Wehling is in the business of bubbles. His Plymouth, MN company, Amerilab Technologies Inc., draws on Wehling’s authority on all things effervescent products that get into your system through bubbles. Read entire article…

“Amerilab Technologies: Grows with a Global Market”

Nutraceuticals World, May 2008

Since its establishment in 1995, Ameri- lab Technologies, Plymouth, MN, has grown into a leading effervescent manufacturer. With two facilities in Minneapolis, MN, one in Las Vegas, NV, and another currently under construction in China, Amerilab produces about 400 million effervescent tablets per year, and is poised to make its presence felt in Europe, Asia and elsewhere.  Read entire article…

“Advantages of Effervescence in the Beverage Market”

Natural Products Industry Insider, June 23 2008

First, there is the issue of sustainability and environmentalism. There is growing consumer awareness of the impact their choices make on the environment. Bottled water and beverages using functional ingredients, such as vitamin waters, energy drinks and sports beverages, are increasingly popular and packaged largely in plastic bottles or aluminum cans.  Read entire article…

“Fizz Factor”

Minnesota Business Magazine, January 2007

Who knew an effervescent tablet could be worth millions? Fred Wehling, CEO of Amerilab Technologies did, and waged his nearly bankrupt company on it. Now, Amerilab is poised to shoot for a billion-dollar market with its latest remedy: a cure for the common hangover.  Read entire article…

“Exploring Alternative Delivery Systems”

Natural Products Industry Insider, Aug 16, 2004

Even as consumers become more interested in the beneficial properties of nutraceuticals, they’re looking for easier ways to consume them. Beyond just simple tablets and capsules, manufacturers are exploring new delivery methods to ensure bioavailability of efficacious quantities of the desired nutrients. Here, three industry manufacturers discuss delivery options. Read entire article…

“Key Facts About a Unique, Effective Dosage Form”

“Robert Lee, Tablets and Capsules, Aug 6, 2004

Effervescence has proved its utility as an oral delivery system in the pharmaceutical and dietary industries for decades. In Europe, effervescent dosage forms are widespread, and their use is growing in the US because they offer pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies a way to extend their market share. This article summarizes the key facts about effervescent dosage forms, their formulation, and their manufacture. Read entire article…

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